Model on Melrose 1

Model on Melrose-1Model on Melrose-1, Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA

Copyright 2010 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon N6006 SLR, AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D, exposure: “f/16 and be there”, handheld.

This image was taken around 1990, on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood, for Swanenfield’s. Can’t remember the model’s name. She auditioned for my band, The Soul Twisters, and wasn’t a perfect fit stylistically, but I got her this modeling job. All the exposure info is on an exposure sheet somewhere, which would most likely take a 1/2 day to find. That’s why I relied on the old photographer’s saying, “f/16 and be there” which was pretty much my mantra back then. Their budget was tight for this job so I talked them into letting me do the layout for the catalog on my Mac Plus with Aldus Pagemaker that I bought in 1986 (the year desktop publishing was born). It was my first commercial computer job other than making band flyers.

I am putting together this blog post on a Mac Pro Quad, with 16GB RAM. Probably a thousand times faster than a Mac Plus!


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