Barn and Roses

Barn and Roses

Barn and Roses – Crescent City, California, USA

Copyright 2012 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

This image was taken on the way to Alaska from Los Angeles by motorcycle, two days into trip, still in California.

Minolta SR-T 101 SLR, Rokkor 50mm f/1.7, Kodak Kodachrome 25 35mm transparency film scanned on Heidelberg Saphir drum scanner, Velbon Tripod, Honda Ascot 500.


13 thoughts on “Barn and Roses

  1. that’s the perfect idea, of how, even ruins can look beautiful and have a distinguished smell.

    Simplicity, which attracts absolute attention!

    I like this picture, it reveals the photographer’s emotions and inspired mood…

    ps1 it was spring at that time, wasn’t it?
    2 all the way to Alaska by motorcycle! wonderful

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  2. Yes, late spring.

    I could see this scene coming from half a mile away, a splash or color in the center of a vast sea of grass maybe a hundred yards from the side of the road. It was a perfect example of nature reclaiming land altered by man, and in such a beautiful way!

    That Alaska trip was one I will never forget. On a motorcycle you are not insulated from the environment as you would be in a car. You don’t even have to stop to smell the roses!

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  3. Beautiful! I love shots like this – it puts things in perspective. It’s hard to see how anyone would miss this treasure considering the gorgeous shades of pink. It sounds like it was an awesome trip! I love Alaska. I plan on returning one day via train.

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