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O. Bisogno Scotti, PhotographerMy Twitter page got a new look today. Out with the nerdy retro 3D movie glasses, in with the shiny new DSLRs floating in mango cyberspace….follow me!….into the abyss:


4 thoughts on “My Twitter page

  1. Once again as I review my friend and his photography I find that he is doing what I always dreamed of doing but never got around to. That is exploring the unusual, capturing ordinary places and making them extraordinary. I have known Scotti for many years and he has an eye and imagination with a creative approach that I enjoy experiencing. The attention to detail and sensitive to his work has made his work stand out.. Keep doing what you are doing and share it with all.

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    • David, thanks for all your support and guidance over the years. I do intend to keep sharing and my hope is that Blog-Bisogno will become a meeting place not only for photographers, but for all lovers of the medium.

      For all who peruse this blog, David Kessler is a great photographer in his own right, and it is an honor to have his comments on Blog-Bisogno.

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  2. As you know you have reeled me in and reawakened my forgotten passion for taking photos in b&w but I have become enamored with the art of shooting in colour. Thank you for your artistic approach to the unconventional where I hope to emulate you in a purely amateur way. What a wonderful medium photography is. The only thing standing in the way of art is your imagination. That was one of your famous quotes. Do you have any of David Kessler’s quotes here?

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    • It was my pleasure Natures’ Child. Blog-Bisogno is not just for professional photographers. I created it as a meeting place for all lovers of photography and art.

      As far as I know, David Kessler does not have any quotes, but he should have.

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