Rainbow Fall Tree


Rainbow Falls TreeRainbow Fall Tree – Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Yosemite; a most magical place where magic happens on a daily basis.

copyright 2012 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

Minolta SR-T 101 SLR 35 mm SLR, Minolta 50mm lens, Kodak Kodachrome 25 transparency film scanned on Heidelburg Saphir drum scanner, Velbon tripod.



31 thoughts on “Rainbow Fall Tree

    • Hi Ray,

      Thank you for your comment. The play between light and shadow at Yosemite is always a willing participant. Glad you found my blog and hope you return again soon. I try to add new content on a regular basis.

      Bisogno Scotti

      P.S. You have an excellent last name. 😉

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  1. This is beautiful! I have not told you this, but my daughter is an amateaur photographer and is wanting to study photography in college. I should save that money and just send her to you! Your photos are amazing!

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  2. Thanks Janessa! It is good to hear from you.

    I have never studied photography, but I have been taking photos since I was 9 years old and have been a professional photographer for the past 17 years. I would suggest to your daughter that she major in business and minor in art. This is probably not what she wants to hear, but when she graduates she will know how to succeed at running a business. After college, I would suggest that she become an assistant to a successful commercial photographer, someone she really admires. It is there that she will really learn the art of photography, problem solving, and how to convince clients that your work is worth something. Best of luck to her…and yes, if you are ever in LA, I would love to sit down with her and talk photography.

    By the way, tell your daughter to read all 75 Famous Artists Quotes on Blog Bisogno (click on Quotes at the top of the page). All the answers can be found there. 🙂

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  3. I hear the roar of the water and feel the pounding as well, the rainbow is such a special reminder that nature provides her beauty for those who look for it.
    You quite often find nature in her splendor and record it with heart.

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      • You have defiantly done your job and more, I feel quite close to nature when I see your images they are alive and filled with life. You capture nature and show her soul to those who open their eyes and “see” 😀

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  4. Have you ever looked really looked at the water as you captured it in that fraction of a second, where the water is stopped in time, forever stopped in action?
    Look at the layers of water stopped on their downward free fall, it is just amazing.

    This is one of the most mesmerizing images I have ever seen of a waterfall, and can only be appreciated as a large print.

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  5. I can’t even count how many times I have been here today! And another first!!!

    I can’t stay away from it I would really love to be standing here just spellbound by the sheer beauty of being surrounded by nature.

    Water is me, I am liquid at times in my feelings. The rainbow is so subtle yet it adds to the mystic of nature, the colours of the rainbow are so soft, how did you get the rainbow anyway?

    The detail it is bringing out in the rocks on the left is phenomenal as well as the trees in the lower portion of the image. Everything is so sharp, clear, {large dof}?

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    • The rainbow was there. The tricky part was making the right exposure with Kodachrome 64 Professional transparency film. Why is it so sharp? Kodachrome 64, one of the greatest films ever made. Yes, a large depth of field. I took this so many years ago and I still remember, f/16 on a tripod.

      Landscape Photography by O. Bisogno Scotti

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      • This is one image that has staying power, it just draws you in then remains forever locked in your memory. Can you still get results like this with digital? Rainbows?

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  6. I am now the proud owner of print #4. Thank You Bisogno for capturing these feeling in an image. It has the richest of colours and feelings of life, calmness, peace, tranquility ever to be found in a pigment print.

    It is one of the most mesmerizing images I have ever seen of a waterfall, and can only be appreciated as a large print. Every time I look at this image I feel the rest of the world slip away, and I become one with nature. I meditate and get lost on a daily basis looking at this spellbinding image, of Nature.

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    • I met friends who were car camping in the main campsite on the valley floor. It was summer so it was crowded and noisy. The next day I took the first trail I found and followed it up into the mountains for about three miles. It was there that I found this scene. There were some people there but not enough to matter. A few more miles into the mountains and you will find yourself totally alone.

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