…more fun with mud

Still wandering, still dazed and confused.

Mud 2Mud 2 – Death Valley National Park, California, USA

copyright 2010 O. Bisogno Scotti  All Rights Reserved.

Nikon D1X DSLR, DSLR, AF Zoom- Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED, Manfrotto 3221 tripod, Manfrotto 3047 studio head.


9 thoughts on “…more fun with mud

  1. Of the 3, I like this one the best. So much lighter is it a different time of day than the first?
    It is a real abstract art piece. A very different effect this is how I envision a macro shot to be.
    You can see the depth of the cracks with is shot. the layering is so pronounced here, whereas the first was smooth as silk this is ragged much as I thought something would look like exposed to the heat and sun.
    The effect is as though I am looking straight down the cracks, to the many layers below the surface.
    You may have been lost but not dazed or confused to take such an in depth photo.

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    • They were all around the same time of day. As I walked along the edge of the mud flat, the mud kept changing in appearance. I suppose this area was more dry than the others.

      These are shots where I got down in the mud to take them, but they were not macro…in other words muddy, but not macro.

      I am always dazed and confused so I work quite well that way! 🙂

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